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Our Wood Selection

Is speed of the essence?  At designawoodsign.com you do not have to sacrifice quality due to a short lead-time.  Our stock woods are the gorgeous Obeche and Mahogany exotic woods, and depending on availability, beautiful redwood and cedar are also options. 

Standard Species Preview
Cedar is red in color and the thin sapwood is nearly white. The grain is very fine and even except for knots.
cedar lumber
Obeche is creamy-white to pale yellow with a moderately fine and even texture. Brittleheart is present in large logs. Grain is usually interlocked which provides a faint stripe on quarter sawn wood.
Obeche Lumber
Mahogany varies from a deep rich red, to reddish brown. Mahogany is fine to medium texture, with uniform to interlocking grain, ranging from straight to wavy or curly.
Mahogany Lumber
Redwood heartwood is red, sapwood is off-white to pale red. Sapewood is soft and moderately fine textured; the heartwood is extremely durable. Excellent outdoors, so it makes the perfect choice for outdoor applications.
Rewood Lumber
Exotic Species Preview
African Padauk
African Padauk heartwood is vivid blood red, toning down to a dark purple-brown with red streaks upon exposure. Grain is straight to interlocked. Texture is similar to African mahogany, being slightly open grained.
African Padauk
Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry)
Jatoba heartwood is salmon red to orange-brown marked with dark brown streaks. It has a golden luster. Grain is usually interlocked with a medium to coarse texture.
Brazilian Cherry
Goncalo Alves (Tigerwood)
Goncalo Alves is reddish-brown in color, richly mottled and with dark brown streaks and spots similar to Rosewood. Grain is irregular, and interlocked with alternating layers of hard and soft wood. Texture is medium.
Tigerwood Lumber

If you don't see the wood you are looking for please contact us... We have access to over 55 species of exotic and domestic lumber.